Members of the Society and their families when in need have the first call on funds.

We are able to use funds surplus to this requirement to help other doctors and their families who have fallen on hard times through illness or other circumstances beyond their control.

We help a number of medical students and other students, the sons or daughters of medical practitioners who are themselves in financial difficulties.



We help doctors to remain in and return to work after illness or other circumstances. If a doctor found themselves unable to practice in the long term the Society has been able to help with retraining costs and moving to a new profession or sector.


For many years the support of spouses and family when a society member passed away without leaving proper provision was the biggest call on our resources.  If your parent(s), partner or spouse were members of the Society and have passed away leaving you in difficulty please contact us.


The Society supports a number of students whose medical families do not have the resources to see them through Medical degrees. It takes many years to train as a doctor and this can be a real strain on family finances. We also hope that those we assist in this way might eventually become members themselves thus helping to ensure the future of the Society.
We have also been able to help in cases where a young doctor is unable to afford the necessary courses and examinations to progress in their careers.


‘The Society helped when I was paralysed after a car accident. Their contribution to home adaptations has made life much easier’
‘An addiction to pain medication threatened to destroy my life and family. On the long road to recovery the Society helped me financially to rebuild my life’
‘My husband was killed in a car accident and we had no insurance. With the Society’s help my children were able to go to university and I was able to retrain and return to work’