Membership is open to all doctors who fall into either of the following categories:-

a) Any person born within the British Isles or born elsewhere to parents either or both of whom were of British or Irish Nationality at the date of his or her birth and duly registered under the Medical Acts and whose primary qualifications consist of or include a primary qualification obtained from a British or Irish Medical School and from time to time accepted as such for inclusion in the Medical Register;

b) Any person born outside the British Isles and duly registered under the Medical Acts and whose primary medical qualification consists of or includes a primary qualification which is recognised and registerable with the General Medical Council or equivalent for Ireland and who has been resident within the British Isles for not less than ten years.




An application form for membership may be downloaded below and sent to the Secretary. These applications will then be considered at the next quarterly meeting of the Society.

The form is an Adobe pdf (Should you not have the software, a free download is here) which we would ask you fill in a post back to

Society For Medical Families
First Floor
The Houses 16-18 Blackfriars Lane

Although we prefer postal applications, a scan of your application form can be emailed to info @ headed Application Form FAO The Secretary

“I joined as soon as I qualified. Fortunately I have never needed to apply for help but it was always re-assuring to know that the Society was there for my wife and family should misfortune strike”
“None of us knows what is around the corner and membership of the Society might be able to help in cases where no other source of help would be available”
“Serious illness, particularly in the early years after qualifying, can be devastating to family finances, often at a time when other financial commitments are at their greatest.”