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Founded in 1788 as The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men

Dr David Buckle - President SAMF

Dr David Buckle

  • Position: President

Dr David Buckle

My career in brief…I became a member of the Society for the Assistance of Medical Families when I became a GP in Berkshire over 30 years ago. I had a long career in clinical leadership and then spent 10 years as a medical director. I now work as a Non-executive director for several NHS Trusts, I am Chair of SAMF and a Vice Chair for the Stroke Association.

What SAMF means to me…When I joined SAMF I already knew from my own experience of Crohn’s disease how illness can cause serious difficulties to young doctors starting a career in medicine. As responsible officer I once again met doctors in difficulty, and saw how medical charities can often help.

My hope for the future of SAMF…I am determined to use my time as Chair to increase awareness and visibility of the charitable work undertaken by the Society.