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Founded in 1788 as The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men

Dr Lydia Acquah - Trustee SAMF

Dr Lydia Acquah

  • Position: Trustee

Dr Lydia Acquah

My career in brief I gained my medical degree from Imperial College London in 2019, soon after which I joined SAMF as a trustee. I then completed my first few years of practice in the South West of England where I became keenly interested in Orthopaedic surgery, which I am now pursuing as a career. During this time, I was also involved in mentoring and supporting the wellbeing of junior doctors, with the aim of helping them thrive in this challenging yet rewarding profession.

What SAMF means to me When I think of SAMF, I think of a community, a place where people are treated as individuals and not statistics. I know this first hand, SAMF changed my life. As a former beneficiary, their support enabled me to complete my medical studies, which was a childhood dream of mine. Moreover, they took a genuine interest in me as a person, I was never merely a ‘case’. Now I have the wonderful privilege of extending that same kindness to others through my work on the Court at SAMF.

My hopes for the future of SAMF I hope SAMF flourishes for many generations to come so we can continue to change lives, realise aspirations and positively contribute to the medical profession in the UK.