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Founded in 1788 as The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men

Dr Stewart Kilpatrick - Vice President SAMF

Dr Stewart Kilpatrick

  • Position: Vice President

Dr Stewart Kilpatrick

My career in brief…After qualifying at Guy’s I ended up in Anaesthetics and worked at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey for 30 years. I also worked briefly with Mercy Ships providing surgical care in West Africa. My wife recently retired as a GP. We have three daughters.

What SAMF means to me:I was encouraged to join SAMF many years ago. Nobody joins in the expectation that he or she will need its services. It exists to help medical colleagues who have suffered unexpected hardship. We are a safety net. We aim to provide help to a doctor who is trying to return to work after interruption. If that is not possible, we give assistance to doctors and their families, including children in further education.

My hopes for SAMF in the future:SAMF is effective but I’d love to see it grow so that it can reach more people.