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Founded in 1788 as The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men

Professor Geoff Rose - Treasurer SAMF

Professor Geoff Rose

  • Position: Treasurer

Professor Geoff Rose

My career in brief…After qualification, I wandered through internal medicine and neurosurgery – which was a common prelude to Ophthalmology training in the early 1980s. Add in some research into corneas, a few years of training at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and further specialist training in periocular reconstruction and one had a recipe for more than 30 years of a happy consultant-hood. The only limitation, I was so sub-specialized that I was totally unemployable, except at a postgraduate eye hospital!

Being “semi-retired”, I occasionally operate with colleagues (where requested), teach every 1-2 weeks (virtual international meetings!), and continue to publish many scientific papers. Needless to say, these medical activities have to fit in with the ‘kids’, grandchildren, gardening, bee-keeping, reading, music, hiking (and the rest), the trouble with “retirement” being that one never gets a day off.

What SAMF means to me I was volunteered as a member of the Court of Directors by a senior colleague many years ago and I’ve always been happy to contribute to discussions about the needs of colleagues facing difficult and distressing times. If we can assist them at these times, this may help a colleague get back onto their feet, or alleviate some of their stress.